12 to 3pm

In-keeping with our ethos of sustainability, we are taking a break with our popular Saturday seafood Market until September to maintain healthy fish and wildlife populations and help the ecosystem of our planet.
Yet we will continue our fisherman’s menu, considering how much you like it, choosing our seafood from well-managed, sustainable fisheries from the UK coasts.
The fisherman’s lunch menu will showcase weekly changing dishes using the best seafood available on the market that day.

11.09.2021 | Fisherman's Lunch Menu | £29

- Grilled mackerel, coconut, coriander salsa

- Roasted cod cheeks, king oyster mushrooms and parsley

- St. Austell beer (Korev Lager, Proper Job IPA or Hicks Ale)


Please ask about allergies & dietary requirements.

A 12.5% discretionary service charge will be added to your bill.

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