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Classic Tiramisu at Baccalà: London's Best Italian Dessert

Looking for the best tiramisu in London? Visit Baccalà Seafood and Wine Restaurant on Bermondsey Street. Our classic tiramisu is a traditional Italian dessert with coffee-soaked ladyfingers and rich mascarpone, perfect with a sweet wine or digestive.

Available all day, our tiramisu is the perfect end to your meal, whether you join us for lunch or dinner. Lunch runs from Tuesday to Saturday, 12 to 5 pm, and dinner starts at 6 pm.

Tiramisu To-Go

Take our delicious tiramisu home! Pre-order directly, and we'll prepare it in any size you need, perfect for special occasions or a treat at home.

Visit Baccalà Seafood and Wine 

Located on Bermondsey Street, Baccalà is one of the best Italian restaurants in London. Enjoy our tiramisu and other gourmet dishes for a perfect dining experience.

Join us at Baccalà Seafood and Wine Bar to savour the best tiramisu in London. We look forward to welcoming you!

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