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Grilled Octopus

Experience the tender and flavourful grilled octopus at Baccalà Seafood and Wine Restaurant in London. Our signature dish is expertly prepared with Colonnata lard, aubergine, and roasted pepper, offering a delightful combination of Mediterranean flavours. The octopus is grilled to perfection, ensuring a tender texture with a hint of smokiness.

Enhancing the dish is Colonnata lard, a unique ingredient sourced from the back fat of pigs and aged for 6 months in the caves of Tuscany. This artisanal touch adds richness and depth to the octopus, making it a standout on our dinner menu.

Served exclusively for dinner from Tuesday through Saturday starting at 6 pm, our grilled octopus invites you to savour the best of Italian seafood in London. Whether you're a seafood enthusiast or seeking a memorable dining experience, join us at Baccalà to indulge in this exquisite dish.

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