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Modern Italian Elegance Serving Seafood & Wine

Experience Bermondsey’s finest seafood and wines, inspired by seasonal freshness.

Savour the Artistry of Italian Culinary Traditions

Our dedication shines through in every dish, crafted with the finest locally-sourced ingredients and served with friendly hospitality.

homemade pasta, octopus with baby potatoes, a bottle of wine, lunch set up
baccalà fritto
salted cod, sautéed escarole, yellow datterino sauce

Midday Italian Escape

Step into Baccalà for our exclusive lunchtime promotion, offering a tantalising selection of Italian seafood and wine. Each dish celebrates the freshest seasonal ingredients, paired with exceptional wines from independent Italian vineyards. Perfect for a midday retreat, indulge in the authentic taste of Italy right in the heart of Bermondsey.

Burrata e Pappa al Pomodoro (vg)
creamy burrata served with Tuscan tomato bread sauce

Whipped Salted Cod
on polenta croutons

Explore our curated menu, a celebration of Italy's rich culinary heritage blended with the zest of Bermondsey's local treasure. Each dish is a testament to our passion for fresh, sustainable ingredients, crafted to perfection with a modern twist.

Dive into a world of exquisite seafood and wine, where tradition meets contemporary flair.

sardoncini scottadito al pane prezzemolato
sardines, parsley bread, puntarelle salad


from £15

biancomangiare al latte di mandorle
almond milk light panna cotta, tonka beans, lemon and strawberry


from £11

Roasted Octopus
tender, served with baby potatoes, black olives, and fresh basil


from £9

Dinner set up tables with different dishes and wine served

Feasting Menus

for groups of 8 or more from £55 pp

wine list, a bottle and a glass of wine


from £9

dirty martini and negroni, green olives and almonds


from £10

What people say

"Baccalà, a gorgeous underrated Bermondsey St seafood bar!"
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Jesse Burgess


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