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Cheese Selection

Discover our artisanal Cheese Selection at Baccalà Seafood and Wine Restaurant, available during both lunch and dinner. For lunch, you have the option to choose your favourites from our cheese selection. Our carefully curated selection includes Caciotta di Capra, Pecorino Sardo, Blu di Nicoletta, Asiago d'Allevo, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Castelmagno. Served with artisanal guttiau bread and Bermondsey Street honey, this dish is a perfect way to end your meal or enjoy a delightful midday treat.
Pair your cheese selection with a glass of our recommended wines for a truly exceptional experience. Enjoy Blu di Nicoletta with a bold red wine like Barolo, Asiago with an aromatic Riesling, Parmigiano with an elegant Brunello, and Pecorino Sardo with a refreshing Vermentino.
Join us from Tuesday to Saturday, to savour these exceptional cheeses at one of the best Italian restaurants in London.

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