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Extra virgin olive oil is simply the juice of fresh, healthy olives. There are more than 1,000 olive varieties, each with its own unique taste characteristics.
Great olive oils are recognised by their fruitiness, bitterness, pungency, complexity, harmony and persistence.

Baccalà introduces the EVOO of selected Italian artisan producers and pairs them with their food, considering the different characteristics of each, to enhance the culinary experience. 


Medium fruity, smell of fresh hay, artichoke and banana. Initially sweet, followed by a harmonious bitter and spicy taste of medium intensity, persistence rich in vegetable notes with predominance of artichoke. 

producer: Frantoio Franci | area: Montalcino | region: Tuscany
blend: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo | suggested with: Tuna | Burrata


Fruity notes of banana, pear and blackberry with a hint of the tropics. Medium intensity, long finish, good balance of spices and bitterness.

producer: Frantoio del Piceno | area: Fermo | region: Marche
variety: Monocultivar Rosciola | suggested with: Mezze Maniche | Spaghetti


Medium fruitiness, rich vegetable aroma with intense notes of  unripe tomato, artichoke, bitter almond. Well balanced and spiced with notes of white pepper
producer: Accademia Olearia | area: Alghero | region: Sardegna
variety: Monocultivar Bosana | suggested with: Linguine | Pentolaccia


Clear hints of sweet citrus, orange and white peppercorn. Medium intensity, bitter almonds scents with a spicy balanced finish.producer: Frantoio del Piceno | area: Fermo | region: Marche
variety: Monocultivar Leccio del Corno | suggested with: Octopus | Artichoke


Herbaceous, its taste is intense, balanced bitter and spicy notes with almond and artichoke aftertaste.

producer: Frantoio del Piceno | area: Fermo | region: Marche
variety: Monocultivar Raggia | suggested with: Baccalà Mantecato | Baccalà Fritto


Clear hints of flower, tomato.High intensity, bitter almond aftertaste.

producer: Tili Vini | area: Assisi | region: Umbria
variety: Moraiolo, Frantio | suggested with: Monkfish | Baby Octopus

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